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Our Mission

Our Mission Is to collaborate with community resources and protective social systems in providing a voice of the needs of survivors of abuse, rape, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Our primary purpose is to build the strongest foundations for survivors.

Purple Owl Project Sponsors pledge anonymity as leaving is the number one death sentence of all Survivors.

What do we do for the Survivor?

There is this notion that there are enough programs for survivors and that they know where to go for help.

Truth is many don't even know there is a national hotline that can guide survivors on getting out, services and where to seek trauma based therapy.  The greatest issue many survivors face is navigating the justice system and how to get through all the hoops they must endure just in obtaining protection from further violence.

And that is where we come in for the Survivor that is referred to us.  Court Advocates are limited by laws on how they can interact with the survivors, leaving many feeling frustrated, unheard and in many cases they give up.  We provide a deeper education and understanding to the process to help the court resources systems in education and support to the survivor.    Where the court is only available 9- 4 Mon through Fri we are able to be available 24/7 365.

We are all Survivors and to the new survivor that can give a sense of peace knowing we have been right where they are and have been through it all ourselves.

Court Advocates do fight hard and we provide extra support  and education to the survivor outside the system so the Advocates can Fight for the Survivor.

Beyond the Survivor Support :  We provide Survivors Voices and educational information for Judicial DV Task Force Boards, Law Enforcement, EMS, Medical Personal and Community Services.

We also work with providing State and Federal Legislature with Accurate Survivor Needs and What is actually occurring in the Justice System regarding DV- Sexual Assault/Rape and Human Trafficking Survivors. 

We do not fund raise.  All our members and sponsors take an oath of anonymity and remain anonymous.   

Why the Purple Owl Project was Founded

After our director escaped her trauma. She was confronted with the an even bigger survival.  The systems that were funded to provide help.  During her fight for justice she kept wondering about all the victims who did not have the education and resources she had and it made her livid.   As she was fighting for her own justice she began helping others get through the same fight.  She rallied sponsors, went directly to judges, lawyers, advocates, and the very programs that were to be providing survivor support systems to investigate.  

Our Director had been an employee of a State Senator and knew political red tape and how the wheels of legislature turned so she knew the only way to get the wheel oiled was to get as loud as possible.

She has not shut up yet and waiting for the epidemic to end so that maybe she can quiet her voice just a  little.